A permanent souvenir of an event, it won’t shrink in the wash or get eaten by moths. At ARTYfaction the posters are stand alone artworks. This poster was done for BEEF WEEK 2015 an international symposium held every three years in Rockhampton Australia. Because it was the week all the cattlemen were coming to town, at ARTYfaction we played on the idea and made the cattle, men. The cowboys didn’t like getting branded, or having a bull sit on them in a rodeo. It also allows for some strong political comment.

Standing on the bones of others.

At the time this poster was being designed a major bank had purchased a portfolio of rural property loans, and was selling up farmers even though they had never missed a payment, due to some new equity requirements. In the poster they can be seen handing over the deeds to frackers, while standing on the bones of the farming families. Watching on is Newman the dog who was off the leash at the same time.

The frackers are happy when the farmers are fighting.